Osteopati utan gränser / Osteopathy without borders

Visste du att det finns en organisation som heter Osteopati utan gränser (Osteopathy without borders)? Den grundades 2007 med visionen att introducera osteopatyrket till utvecklingsländer genom årliga humanitära insatser och skolning. Osteopatisk medicin är en naturmedicin till låg kostnad som kan göra stor skillnad i u-länder.

Här kan ni läsa om deras senaste resa: https://osteopathywithoutborders.com/mission-2019/

Treating a baby or a child is always a gift to the osteopath. “As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined” said W.G. Sutherland, founder of cranial osteopathy. In addition to helping relieve symptoms of our little patients, we know they will be healthier and more resilient for ever.
We were privileged to be returning to the pediatrics ward of prof. Bakhtyar at RMI. We treated a number of children with recurring lung infections or meningitis and encephalitis. The two patients in a coma that were treated twice made significant progress in consciousness, tone and ability to swallow. We also treated premature twin babies who needed help acquire functional suction ability.